Polenta Natural Tsipouro 100ml


Natural tsipouro made from high-quality grape varieties grown on our organic farm in Kefalonia Island, free from artificial ingredients and chemicals.

Our traditional distillation process, aging in oak barrels and strict adherence to organic regulations results in a pure, smooth and delicious spirit with a unique aroma and flavor of grapes.

Available in 100ml bottles.

Order online and enjoy at your location.


Welcome to Polenta Bio Foods, a family farm located in the idyllic island of Kefalonia of Greece, where we are passionate about crafting the finest natural tsipouro from grape varieties using traditional methods.

Tsipouro is a traditional spirit that is similar to ouzo and Italian grappa and it is made by distilling the fermented must of grapes. Our natural tsipouro is made from high-quality grapes grown on our farm, free from artificial ingredients and chemicals. The result is a pure, delicious and smooth spirit with a distinct aroma and flavor of grapes.

The process of making tsipouro involves the following steps:

Distillation: The grape by-products are fermented and then distilled in a traditional copper still, known as a “tsikoudia” or “raki” in Greece.
Aging: Some tsipouro is aged in oak barrels for several months, which can add complexity and depth of flavor to the spirit.
Filtering: The distilled spirit is then filtered to remove any impurities.
Bottling: The final product is then bottled and sold as tsipouro.

Natural tsipouro, when consumed in moderation, may have some benefits. These include:

Digestive aid: Some people believe that tsipouro can help stimulate digestion and relieve symptoms of indigestion.
Anti-inflammatory properties: Tsipouro contains antioxidants that may help reduce inflammation in the body, which can help lower the risk of chronic diseases.
Cardiovascular health: The moderate consumption of tsipouro may be associated with a reduced risk of heart disease, according to some studies

We use a traditional copper still to distill the fermented must, and it is then aged in oak barrels to give it a unique taste and complexity. Our bottles are of standard size of 100ml.

You can also visit our farm and experience the traditional distillation process of tsipouro in Kefalonia. We handle shipping and payment online.

We are confident that you will love the unique taste and high-quality of our natural tsipouro. Thank you for choosing Polenta Bio Foods and for visiting our farm. We look forward to sharing our passion for tsipouro with you.

Additional information


Polenta Health Foods

Tasting Notes

Strong alcoholic drink made from Mavrodafne grapes distillation mixed with various fruity grapes of the area.


Kefalonia, Greece

Goes well with

Fish food, Fruits, Nuts


Mesovounia, Erisos

Limited edition

200 bottles

Date of harvest

26 August 2022



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