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Welcome to Polenta Health Foods

Small scale out of the grid family farm

Welcome to Polenta Health Foods

Small scale out of the grid family farm

Family Farm Organic Wine and Health Foods in Kefalonia Island

Nestled among the rolling hills and olive groves of Kefalonia, our family farm at Polenta Health Foods is dedicated to producing the finest, all-natural products. Our organic farm is located in a picturesque village near Fiskardo, where we have been cultivating grapes and olives for generations.

At Polenta Health Foods, we are proud to offer Natural Wine, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Natural Tsipouro that capture the essence of our island’s richness. Our natural wines are made using only the finest, locally-grown grapes, and are fermented using natural yeasts to produce a unique and complex flavor.

Our Natural Wine is produced using organic farming methods and are made without any additives or preservatives, ensuring that you are getting the purest, most natural product possible. We invite you to experience the natural flavors and traditions of Kefalonia through our products. Join us for an olive oil tasting at our farm.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold-pressed from olives grown on our farm, and has a rich, fruity flavor that is perfect for cooking or drizzling over salads.

And our Natural Tsipouro is made from the distillation of local grapes, resulting in a smooth and aromatic spirit that is perfect for sipping on its own or in cocktails. As a small, local winery, we are committed to offering Kefalonian local wines that showcase the unique character of our region from the local variety of Mavrodafne.

We believe that experiencing the natural goodness of our products is an essential part of understanding the care and dedication that goes into each and every bottle. Thank you for choosing Polenta Health Foods for your Natural Wine, Olive Oil, and Tsipouro.

We hope that our products will transport you to the beautiful, sun-drenched hills of Kefalonia with every sip and taste.

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